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The Questions asked Frequently

The removals industry is the same as many others when it comes to those questions asked over and over again,

To enable our visitors to get the answers fast to these FAQs, we have put together this page. Here we have listed the most frequently asked questions. This way, you can find the answers without spending the time to message us and wait for our reply.

Faster for you, and us too

But, as always, if you need to know more or you wish to discuss anything with us, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly. At the bottom of this page, you can find some buttons that will make it dead easy for you to contact our office and we will reply just as fast as we can.

You can also find more FAQs on our sister website at “Brisbane Removalists FAQs” as well.

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We charge $179.00/h for 2 efficient superheroes and a truck with all the necessary protection and padding Monday – Friday.

Saturday rates are $209.00/h for 2 movers and Sunday we charge $239.00/h for 2 movers.

A 3-man rate of an extra $70 per mover per hour is advised for large moves, or necessary if you have a heavy object such as a piano, pool table or large treadmill for example as it speeds up the move and reduces your hourly rate.

Choosing this option, often comes out the same price or cheaper than a 2-man rate, unless the move is long distance. A set depot-to-depot fee is charged on the hourly rate and is calculated on google maps. This is a very transparent process.

This covers the team getting to your home from our depot our nearest depot and the return to our nearest depot from your new home as this is on their own time. We separate the depot fee and give you this as a set fee so that if we get stuck in traffic then you do not pay the price.

Upload to drop off is on the hourly rate with increments of 15 minutes after the 2-hour minimum.

We do not charge any extra fee with the exception of a heavy lift fee where appropriate – piano lift, pool table etc. You will be quoted this before the move unless the item was not mentioned when booking, so there are no surprises.

How long? How long is a piece of string? We go by this rule of thumb when planning at our end: 1 bedroom – 2 hours, 2 bedrooms – 4 hours, 3 bedrooms – 6 hours, all the while knowing full well that any number of issues or lack of issues mentioned above, can change the outcome. 

It is, however, a good place to start! This is why it is essential for us to ask essential questions when booking.

At Removalists on the Gold Coast, we move furniture for sure, but we also offer multiple drop off and- pickup options as you move you from home to home or office to office. We also offer tip runs, skip loading and dropping of pre-loved furniture to second hand centre or Lifeline centres so someone else can love it too.

We most certainly do and free of charge! This is all part of the service and is just part of the hourly rate.

If we drop any of your items or put a hole in your wall, then we will cover it.

What we do not cover:

  • self-packed items (unless we drop the box),
  • marble or glass tabletops/ bench tops in transit (potholes can be enough to shatter these,  

 despite being well packed),

  • items damaged that are not reported in a timely manner (on the day or on site).

N.B. It is best to be covered with accidental breakage insurance which is part of your contents insurance anyway.

Yes, we do! We often pack the day prior the move to allow for extra time if needed and to reduce the stress of the move. We can even deliver boxes and packing materials to your door one week prior so you can pack as you go and leave us with what is left, thus saving you money.

We often do INTERIM moves due to settlement date issues with people needing to be out of one home before being allowed into the next. Some people want the extra week to renovate before moving in, others do not have somewhere to go or have not signed off on their house build, house, or rental. This poses a real dilemma.

Storage is usually charged monthly, which can be expensive when you only need to store your goods for a few days. It also means double handling of goods. (Uplift, offload, storage upload and offload). Did you know that Removalists on the Gold Coast have a solution to this?

We can uplift your goods into a container and store the container in the depot for a day, a week or more. Here is the perfect solution to eliminate double handling of your furniture, the costs of double handling and storage!

You can make your move quicker by:

  • self-packing
  • moving as many of your items to a central and bottom floor location,
  • making sure you are organised and fully packed before the boys arrive.
  • If you encourage the boys to take a 5-minute pause from time to time, and provide them with water or similar refreshments, you will see a sharp return on your investment energy-wise, especially in the hotter months as well as working wonders for their morale.
  • Knowing where you want things to go
  • Marking boxes correctly with fragile stickers or room details
  • Having fun with the team – leave the stress behind
  • Organising lifts, loading bays etc. appropriately.

We work on a trust basis therefore there is no deposit to pay. You simply pay at the end by credit card, EFT or in cash. All that we ask in return, is that you let us know in advance if you need to cancel or postpone your move to allow us to refill the spot and not cancel work for the boys at the last minute.  Good humour and smiles are free of charge.

Are you ready to find out more?

Removalists on the Gold Coast ofers a wide range of removal services in and around the Gold Coast. With our office in Varsity Lakes and depots at both Southport and Burliegh Heads, we are well located to service the whole of the Gold Coast.

Not limited to only the Gold Coast, we also venture out across the border to places in Northen New South Wales and to Brisbane, Ipswich and up to the Sunshine Coast and even further North when required.

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Our rates Monday to Friday are $179 per hour including GST (in 15-minute increments) after a 2-hour minimum charge and a 30-minute minimum charge to cover depot-to-depot travel.

Our rates on Saturday are $209 per hour and Sunday $239 per hour including GST (in 15-minute increments) after a 2-hour minimum charge with a 30-minute minimum charge to cover depot-to-depot travel.

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