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Internal Furniture Moves on the Gold Coast

Why might you need internal furniture moves? Renovating your home? Getting extensions done? Having new floor coverings. All these can be reasons why you might need furniture moved in and around your home.

New carpet can be laid quite easily and quickly too. The thing that can slow this job down and something the carpet layers usually leave for you to is clearing the area they need to work. Moving your large furniture out of the way can take a big effort and often is something best done by those who know how to do it safely and quickly without damage.

Professional removalists are best suited to this task. Moving furniture upstairs or downstairs is also a job that can be quite difficult and can cause personal injury to inexperienced people attempting it. The teams at Removalists on the Gold Coast have such professionals.

Choosing the right house moving company is both important and difficult. Gold Coast Removals is an extension of our well-established Brisbane Removalists with over a decade of experience in the furniture removal industry.

We strongly recommend that before you book your next removalist, you take some time to research what the company’s past clients say about them. As a new office for the Gold Coast, our reviews are still growing. While we collate and prepare them for presentation, why not check out the genuine client reviews left for our Brisbane operation, Brisbane Removalists – “LINK

Moving furniture inside your house or unit

Moving furniture inside your house or unit is not a difficult job when done by professionals. Removalists on the Gold Coast can supply these professionals at reasonable rates.

Our teams come prepared with all the blankets, trolleys and straps required to move your furniture and heavy belongings for you.

Our removal teams are well-trained and professional and are fully equipped with well-suited trucks loaded with the trolleys, straps, blankets and ropes required to complete your move.

We service all suburbs on the Gold Coast as well as reaching south into Northern New South Wales and up to Brisbane, Ipswich, Toowoomba and up to the Sunshine Coast.

Internal Furniture Moves in Partnership with our Brisbane Removalists Teams

Establishing a more permanent presence on the Gold Coast was the natural “next step” for Brisbane Removalists.

With the huge amount of residential growth in and around the Gold Coast, establishing a new office and depots, we can keep travel time from depot to depot as low as possible therefore keeping costs down for our clients.

If you haven’t already heard about the real Brisbane Removalists here’s your chance – “LINK

We offer many other services apart from house moving. Unit and Apartment Moves, Office Moves etc. Visit our “SERVICES” page to find out more.

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Our rates Monday to Friday are $179 per hour including GST (in 15-minute increments) after a 2-hour minimum charge and a 30-minute minimum charge to cover depot-to-depot travel.

Our rates on Saturday are $209 per hour and Sunday $239 per hour including GST (in 15-minute increments) after a 2-hour minimum charge with a 30-minute minimum charge to cover depot-to-depot travel.

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